Writing project 1, draft 1, part 3

Maxine wasn’t in full control of herself anymore. She spotted a broken stick, grabbed it, and stabbed backwards behind her head. The monster reeled off her back, screeching with pain. She took the only opportunity she had and stumbled forward before breaking back into a sprint.

Ear piercing sounds faded in the distance as Maxine ran out of the forest into her residential neighborhood. I must have lost that thing, she thought to herself. The adrenaline in her faded away and her arm started hurting. There was still a deep, bleeding gash on her arm. She then finally remembered her illness. Was she imagining all of this? Why does it hurt so much? Her body must be changing, her symptoms must be worsening. Convincing herself that nothing about this is real, she headed home.

Maxine walked in to the kitchen, “Hi mom.”

Her mother was preparing dinner, “Oh hi sweetie, how was your-” Maxine’s mother locked eyes with Maxine’s arm. “Oh my god! Maxine! Are you alright?”

What? My arm, it really is hurt, isn’t it? “Oh, yeah….it really hurts.”

Her mother scrambled to wrap up Maxine’s arm. “Good thing it doesn’t look deep enough to go to the hospital. What happened?”

“I guess I scraped a branch when I was running. My hallucinations were really bad today, I got scared.”

“Oh honey, you’ve never ran before. How are you doing now?”


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