Charisma shortcut

Stuff on a resume is just one tool in the toolbox to reach your goals. Charm and charisma is another. It is possible to take a shortcut to your dreams without fulfilling the requirements society tells you that you need to fulfill first. I suggest working on your charisma. It is a science, the information is out there.


What “Science” really means

The scientific method is not linear, it is circular. The last step leads into the first step just like any step leads into the next step. Completing all steps is the most meritable, but it is possible to start and end anywhere. Each step is a meritable way to reason: All the scientific method really is is the best ways to reason.

All things are either not true or not not true yet, there is no truth or “proving” things, only disproving or a failure to disprove.

(Else it is philosophy, theology, faith, belief and opinion…which still has a valuable place)
  • Observation:
    • See how it is, not how you want it to be
  • Questions
    • Big and small, simple to answer or open-ended
  • Research
    • The internet is at our disposal !
    • Seek to fail to disprove yourself (no confirmation bias)
  • Hypothesis
    • Something testable that can be disproven
  • Experimentation
    • Only test one variable
    • Have a control group that doesn’t change to compare to (if people, they should not know whether they are the control group or not)
    • Have at least 100 trials
    • No bias
    • Measurable data
    • Take and keep notes on everything, including all observations and possible human error
  • Analysis
    • Analyze possible human error
    • Graphs, charts, and general visualization of data (leads to better insights)
    • Try different calculations for new insights
    • Did the experiment disprove the hypothesis? (if not it either starts or adds to a theory, this is what a theory is: failure to disprove)
    • Notes
  • Communication
    • Write-up of the experimentation including notes from experimentation and analysis
    • Report all possible human error
    • A summary and captivating story
    • Charisma, persuasiveness
    • Possible applications